Amber Ray

Amber Ray

Amber Ray has been belly dancing for about 10 years and had her start in American cabaret style. She is a member of Om Sisters (9 years) as well as a solo performer. Her first class was with the world-renown Fahtiem which led to the birth of a life long passion. Once Amber found Tribal style belly dance, portals of imagination opened. She enjoys fusing American Cabaret technique and movement, elements of Tribal synchronized group improve moves and postures, and a sprinkle of various other dance styles. Amber Ray’s approach to belly dance is a heart full of love, passion, and a connection to authentic self, the soul. She has had classes with many of the pioneers of Tribal style belly dance and Tribal Fusion belly dance over the years. Amber believes that performing belly dance allows the soul of an individual be completely expressed through physical movement. She has a deep passion for sharing this truly expressive and graceful art form with her sisters and brothers of the world.

Amber Ray teaches Belly Dance

at Yogalution Movement:

3141 E. Broadway Long Beach Ca2nd and 4th Sundays 1:30pm

By Donation