Amber Smyth Alexander

Hello! I'm Amber! I'm a mom who does all kinds of things to keep myself busy!

I run my own crafting business, Flutterby by Design, and have lots of handmade goodies. ( head over to the blog and check it out! )

I do all sorts of crafty stuffs, baby quilts, and other baby paraphernalia, paint shoes, make 18" doll clothes (similar to American Girl Dolls), make a variety of laundry soaps and fabric softeners....I'm trying to get my dish soap recipe perfect, it's not there yet. I also do a lot of other crafts, whatever happens to catch my fancy. Over on the blog I get to talk about that stuff in detail!

In my spare time, if I manage to get any, I read. A lot. I LOVE books, and I have sooo many. I also like to watch tv, and I am a self proclaimed nerd and am a part of several fandoms. I also write. Not as much as I should, but there's always SO many things to do!