Amber Summers

List Of My Favorite Things:

God | friends & family | food & eating food | art | reading | coffee shops | driving with the windows down and the music up | Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day, & Lucille Ball | meeting new people | autumn | sparkly dresses & pretty shoes | hiking | Idaho | photography | working out | kids & their funny jokes that make absolutely no sense | lazy Sundays

Goals & Aspirations:

I want to go to school for Graphic Design as well as minor in Advertising, starting next fall. I'm super stoked for the possibilities there because I love art and how diverse it is. That's the career side of life.
When it comes down to life itself, my biggest goal is to make everything around me beautiful. I want to make people smile and also give them the hope that despite how badly they've "messed up" in life God can still use and create a good work in them. We're all human, we all stumble, we all trip and fall and clumsily kiss the ground with the grace of a three legged elephant, but it's what we do in the aftermath that defines who we are.

Favorite Quote:

"Remember when you're at home feeling medium, at Starbucks you're a Grande."

*No, I do not work at Starbucks