Amber teething Necklace

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The Secret Health Benefits of Wearing an Amber Teething Necklace

None can contest the fact that natural methods are best for healing our body and ensuring that it remains in optimum health condition. One such popular natural method of healing that is increasingly becoming popular is the amber teething necklace? It is fastened around a child’s neck and is touted to alleviate the teething pain and discomfort in the child.

The healing functionality of amber teething necklace

The most popular form of healing amber is the Baltic amber. It is nothing but a fossilized resin found in the Baltic Sea. It has been attributed with many healing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of about eight percent of succinic acid in it. Amber can easily be cut, polished and shaped into various forms. It’s most common form is the bead which is easily woven into necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. These beads get heated up due to the body heat of the person wearing it and then release traces of succinic acid as oil. The body then absorbs this succinic acid oil and feels the magical restorative properties of the oil. Thus, body contact is necessary for the amber to flaunt its healing properties.