I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO START THIS so why not start with Shrek nudes.Insert Shrek nudes here

Okay so what up hoe ! My name's Amber and I'm up your ass <3 it's nice up here.A bit dark,but nice.( wtf )As you can probably tell already, I don't make a lot of sense most of the time and I'm v random so if you understand me yOuRe A FucKiNg LeGeNd

I like bands such asAll time lowAnd Pierce The VeilMiss May IBring me the horizonParamorePanic ! At the disco Fall out boyYour mumMany moreAnd the only solo artists I kinda like are Halsey and Melanie Martinez.

Life is strange is ThE BomB .CoMAnd I waste WAYYY too much time on Yandere Simulator wydI think Professor Layton is a qt

My talents include :* Not waking up until midnight* Memeing* Ignoring people * Memeing* Being an obnoxious lil bitch* Memeing* Screaming bc I can ¿

I'm p good at playing the guitar and piano but the instrument that ReALLy mAkEs My DiNglE rInGlE is the triangle

Ike,April,Max,Nikki,Aubrey,Luke ( jk you suck ) , Jason,Kevin,Lorlen,Yessi,Yuki,Len/Oz ??,Candle,Rory,Shrek,DJ Khalid,Luna,Tori,Amy,Ivy,Lyla,ABril,Abbie,Grace,Isi,Anna,Sophie,Lyssa,Rin,Nat,Oda,Bella,Alyssa and Ryan when he's not being an ass ( jk you're alright-ish :) ) are the people I love most <3 don't ever leave me^ if your names not up there I probably love you anyway !

I don't mean to sound vain but I think that I'm pretty funny sOmetimes,sarcastic af,v moody,bubbly ¿ and I guess I can be kind,but lmao if you ever hurt my friends or get on the wrong side of me then I will be the bitchiest person ever :')) I don't regret a thing.

I'm a Gemini and that kinda means I get mood swings a lot :D whoopI do love my mood swings O yes ladThey turn me on mhm

Bisexual yo^ Though I don't even believe in love honestly.Also British ¿I LIKE PASTAAnd cookie dough ice cream but I really really don't like many foodsI hate food

I have a strange fascination with fairy lights and as I'm writing this I'm actually looking at mine rn,twinkle twinkle mother fucker.I've fell in love with the sky and I love to make pictures of my cat.

If you're homophobic,racist or transphobic don't even bother talking to me.

N suddenly I feel quite shy about people actually reading about lil ol me so uhm I'm ending it now- ««« (/);////;)/)