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Amber White

Amber White

Costume Designer at costume world and IBO at

I want to create things while I have time on Earth, and the art of costume and culture has always inspired me.

Costume Designers begin engaged on costumes for TV, theater and films at the start of pre-production. they're responsible of coming up with, creating, getting and hiring all costumes for Actors and extras. This should be achieved at intervals strict budgets, and to tight schedules. Costume Designers' work is integral to process the general ‘look' of films, and their role needs a good deal of experience. Their inventive work ranges from coming up with original costumes, to overseeing the acquisition and adaptation of ready-made outfits.

As Head of the Costume Department, Costume Designers ar accountable for staffing and for managing a team of masterly personnel. Costume Designers conjointly supervise sensible problems, like division budgets and schedules, the organization of running wardrobes, and costume continuity.

As a crucial a part of the assembly team, a dressing up Designer would be expected to figure closely with the assembly Designer to form positive the costumes slot in with their overall vision which they work with the chosen lighting and camera angles. they'd conjointly collaborate with the hair and make-up team to form positive these components complement one another and a cohesive look is formed.