Ambess 18

Mother in Ontario, Canada

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After working in the financial industry for 8 years and adding to our family, I realized I needed to find a job that I loved, and not worry about the paycheque. I currently reside in Ontario in a small rural farming community.

Facts About Me:

*I made a small appearance on Season 1 of Canadian Idol. (I slept on the streets of Toronto for 2 days underneath a tarp)

*I'm known as the yodel girl. (say out loud "Little Old Lady Who") now you can yodel too!

*I played the tuba in an All Girls Marching Band.

*I'm a HUGE Toronto Blue Jays Fan.

*I grew up saying I wanted kids, but never my own as there were too many children in the world that needed a forever family.

*I'm a mother of 2, but often have a few kids on weekends to do respite for a local Children's Aid Society.

*I grew up quite poor.

*I gave birth to my son 2 months early and soon after started my open adoption journey.