Amber Basham

The name's Basham... Amber Basham. Got it memorized? I enjoy watching cartoons and coloring in my Winnie the Pooh coloring book. I'm a pretty good person. Down to earth and I would basically kill myself just to help someone. I believe other people matter. Photography is my life. I believe it helps me get a stronger relationship with God. Plus, it's just so darn amazing. I am in a relationship with my best friend. 3.19.11 forever. I would rather stay in than go out, but if going outside involved anything artsy then I will be there in a heart beat. I was a band geek before it was cool. Hipsters are stupid. They really have no originality. I'm usually always in a sad mood, I don't always know why either. I want to travel the world. Marilyn Monroe is my idol. Elvis is grand. I'e got a really bad country accent. Wanna know more? Just ask1 I want some new friends because the ones here just don't always cut it!