Allan Petersen

Once upon a time, in an economy far far away, I spent eight years between investment banking and private equity. I loved my colleagues and learned more than I could have hoped for, but decided that I would try to find my passion before time caught up with me. I left on great terms to pursue my life's dreams.

Now, I am working as:

  • Co-Founder of Memoir Tree, a family memory curation product. My focus is on business development, finance, and marketing
  • A member of the production team for Dead Man's Burden, an independent western produced by Stick! Pictures and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Jared Moshé.
  • A writer of two epic fantasy novels, Elder's Will and its follow-up, both seeking representation
  • A short story author
  • And an occasional exhausted Mr. Mom and home chef.

Contact me on Google+ or at my website,