ambre babzoe

i am clothes and accessories designer. i ended up in fashion by accident.

at the beginning, i always dreamed to be a reporter. i made 2 masters: journalism and ethnology...i never thought i was going to be a designer. but at the end of my studies i wanted to earn some money, to travel and make my reports, so i decided to launch a jewelry collection but the fact is that it was featured in Elle for the summer must have, then i was sold at L eclaireur, Liberty..and so on! but i wanted to break the boundaries..i wanted to become more a citizen of humanity. i started to travel very early with my father, so my love for the travels was stronger than the Fame!..i decided to leave paris, i was 23. i setted up in Bali in 2000, where i actually met my husband after 2 years there.

Bali was still an hippy place, a freedom place, where you could meet people from all around the world, and balinese people were the nicest person i ever met in my life

i build up my factory, started to employ some woman from the villages..i was in love with their techniques their know how...i started creating in bali but also in india...then i started to build some boutiques hotels The gili beach resort in Gili Trawangan island.

Moreover, i love raising up my kids in bali, getting home for lunch time in order to be able to play with them for an hour...

i love to discover new places! new artists...

As i am a passionate person, i am now starting a new project