Ambre Monfort


Hi there !

I'm a 24 years old french native looking for some job opportunities in Paris or abroad. Yes, abroad, like pick a bag or two, travel, find stories, take pictures, write and create great contents.

I develop and implement web content strategies including website contents, blog posts, social contents and email campaigns. I'm a pro with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

As a digital native, I can do almost anything with my thumbs : I blog, I poke, I pin, I tweet... The Internet is my office and my playground.

Otherwise, I've been playing violin since I was 6 and fell for my ukulele a year ago. And I love, like really love, comic books and graphic novels.

And you should know : I think life's always better with a good song and fresh baked cookies.

Let's keep in touch :)

  • Work
    • Project and Community Manager at SFR
  • Education
    • Master Cultures et Métiers du Web (UPEMLV)