Silicon Valley

I believe good design and innovative technology has the power to move humanity forward. A deep understanding of humans – how we think, behave, work, and play -- will continue to advance engineering in a way that improves our performance, enhances our lives, and increases our pleasure. This vision drives my current graduate work in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) within the Human Factors Engineering program at San Jose State University and has inspired me to pursue the evolving fields of User Experience (UX) Research and Product Design.

A keen focus on improved performance and usability has allowed me to apply user-centered research to my design solutions with increasing sophistication. I intend to transfer this background to testing and improving human interfaces. With experience in honing processes within full-lifecycle development on cross-functional teams, I am poised to enter a field that helps bring usable leading-edge products to market.

  • Education
    • Currently pursuing a M.S. in Human Factors Engineering