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Student, Writer, and Artist in Florida

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✨ before you follow ✨

don't follow if:

🍊 you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, anti-sjw, kinphobic, etc

🍊 regularly hate on bro strider

🍊 don't approve of survivors using ships to cope

ask to follow if:

🍊 you kin with kenma (haikyuu!!)

🍊 youre hetero, cis, AND neurotypical

🍊 youre 25+ or 14-

encouraged to follow if:

🍊 you kin with: dave, dirk, davesprite, john, or a matsuno brother

🍊 you interact a lot (like posts, comment, etc)

🍊 you rly like any of my kins

✨ kin list ✨

main ids (ask to follow if u kin with these characters):

🍊 bro strider [homestuck] - canon divergent, not an amazing brother/father to dave but not abusive and trying to make it up

🍊 will graham [hannibal]

🍊 vegeta [dragon ball z]

🍊 finn the human [adventure time]

🍊 ichimatsu [osomatsu san]

🍊 sora [kingdom hearts]

secondary (okay to follow if u kin with these):

🍊 davesprite [homestuck]

🍊 mondo oowada [dangan ronpa]

🍊 link [legend of zelda]

🍊 sonic [sonic unleashed]

synpaths (okay to follow if u kin with these):

🍊 pearl [steven universe]

🍊 roxy lalonde [homestuck]

🍊 xion [kingdom hearts]

otherkin (encouraged to follow if u kin with these):

🍊 werewolves

✨ about me ✨

🍊 demiromantic/aroflux, currently in a relationship

🍊 full name: ambrose graham, but u can call me ambrose OR graham (my nicknames are bro and bear, feel free to use)

🍊 19, he/they, genderqueer, infp, capricorn (january 3rd)

🍊 csa victim, uses ships to cope (mainly brojohn)

🍊 disorders: BDD (body dysmorphic disorder), DRD (dissociative reality disorder), dyslexia, clinical depression, anxiety, insomnia, and possibly on the autism spectrum

🍊 symptoms: struggle with self-worth and appearance, either binge-eating or not eating, have trouble sleeping/staying asleep, terrible memory, extremely shaky hands, difficulty breathing, cant keep eye contact, has trouble with confrontation, suicidal thoughts, trouble with daily activities like showering/cooking/watching shows/etc., short attention span, leaves words out a lot when typing/talking, stutters when upset, loses grips on reality/morality, disassociates almost constantly (especially when off phone)

✨ contacts ✨

🍊 tumblr/insta: hisoba

🍊 kin tumblr: werek1n

🍊 vent: brokin