Ambrosio Blackwell

Business Cash Flow Strategist in California

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For Ambrosio Blackwell, the importance of financial literacy has been instilled in him since his youth by his mother who wanted to prepare him for a successful future. As a child, he earned money through a newspaper delivery route and setting up a front yard lemonade stand, acquiring skills and knowledge that would benefit him later in life. He used the money he made from his newspaper delivery route to finance his lemonade stand, and the entire journey taught him some incredibly valuable lessons along the way about the application of finance and the key it plays in future successes. He learned that a late or misplaced delivery would be deducted from his pay, so efficiency in his work was key. He learned the importance of being timely and cost-effective, knowing that if his pay was deducted, he would have less money for his lemonade stand. Through building himself a small business in his childhood, Ambrosio started early informing the way he viewed finance and building his skills for the finance industry.

What moves Ambrosio Blackwell most about his work in finance is the ability to help guide the people in his community, his region, and the country through the complicated modern world and ever-changing financial sector. Finance is dynamic; it is never static, and Ambrosio wants to help empower others with the tools and information they need to navigate it successfully.

In the future of his career, while he doesn’t see the regulations of the financial sector going away any time soon, Ambrosio expects to see change evolve more quickly through the industry with the development of new technologies and the processes that will come as a result.

Prior to his current role, Ambrosio Blackwell has held a number of different roles within the financial industry, including Commercial Loan Officer, Business Banking Relationship Manager, and Business Banking Officer.

For his education, Ambrosio Blackwell attended the University of California at Riverside where he earned his Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Accounting. He then continued his education at La Sierra Riverside where he earned his MBA in Finance and Marketing. He believes that continuing to educate yourself is crucial for development, and enjoys instilling the knowledge that he’s developed in those around him.