Ambrosius Primagraha


The name above this text is my name.. I'm an Indonesian and Javanesse.. B 3607 KGF is my first motorcycle's number. I was born on early December, so I'm a Sagittarian. I'm a Football Addict and also a Movie Addict. My favorite footbal player is Alexandro Del Piero and my favorite actors are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, Zooey Deschanel for the actress.. I'm a Manga Reader, you know that's a comic book from Japan. My favorite mangas are One Piece, Detective Conan, Naruto, and Fantasista.. I'm a Nature Lover. It's simply because I like fresh air and really love its view. Smoker Hater is who I am, because I can't breathe well beside those people and I have lost a lot of people who I respect cause of cigarette. Newbie Music Listener, you may not believe, but I'm truly pay attention of music and start to like it in my 2nd grade of senior highschool. Before that? I really don't care about music. Now I'm really like listen to the music, especially from Owl city. Its make me feel relax. I Love to Learn anything. Science, Biotechnology, etc. Because it's fun and always give me some new experience. I also like to learn about this life, especially my life: happiness, sadness, friendships, relationships, and many more. And for the last I really really like to make friend with a lot of people, and always hope that some day I can make friend with peoples around the world.. ^_^

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