ahmad medix

Ahmad Medix Life care is firm for specializes in high standard quality fabrication and conversion of ambulances. Our ambulances are equipped with high range quality, equipment and accessories, Mostly ambulanceequipment or life saving devices import into manufacturing companies of Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and china which Let our customer to choose Quality but cost-effective solutions to their requirements

Fire Fighting Vehicle

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) offers high-tech firefight ting vehicles on different types and sizes of truck chassis. Main superstructure is fabricated with stainless steel, Aluminum and mild steel after corrosion free treatment. Crew cabin is fabricated behind the driver cabin in an integrated fashion. Firefighting pumps of world’s renewed brands either chassis engine driven or separate engine driven are used for best performance. Branded accessories made of Europe, USA, JAPAN, Korea and China are available.

Mobile Clinic

We ahmad medix has been manufactured the high Quality standard Mobile clinics on Truck chassis.