Adam Maier-Clayton

Adam Maier-Clayton

I am currently a student at Algonquin College taking the Business Management and Entrepreneurship program. Upon completion of this program in April of 13' I will be articulating to Carleton University for summer classes so I can move towards attaining my BComm. It is within my current agenda to attain an MBA afterwards; however, I don't know how feasible this goal will be in time as I will almost certainly be running my own business at that point.

My past consists of a highly competitive athletic background which saw me playing soccer starting at the age of 6 and eventually lead me to national level club competition, scholarship offers and a lot of travelling. At 19 years old I decided to not yet attend a post-secondary academic institution to play soccer as I wanted to pursue bodybuilding instead. I was able to attain various sponsorships prior to even competing but unfortunately endured a shoulder injury preparing for my first competition and ended up needing surgery. More than a year after surgery my shoulder is still very limited so needless to say my once thought chance of having a professional bodybuilding career is now nonexistant.

I have been very involved in the club and nightlife scenes of the cities I have lived in these past few years starting at the very bottom, progressively moving upwards. Bouncer, doorman, promoter, barback, inventory manager, bartender -- I've done it all. I currently bartend at the Lunenburg Pub & Bar in downtown Ottawa as well as The Observatory which is the Algonquin College campus bar. I thoroughly enjoy being a bartender as it is a very social job that enables me to meet a lot of great people.

My ultimate goal is to become a successful serial entrepreneur. Things didn't work out for me in the world of professional sports, it's unfortunate; however, the work ethic and numerous other traits I have developed through 15 years of high level competition and training will certainly benefit me in business down the road. At this point I have no set business that I would like to pursue, I more or less just want to pursue various opportunities as I encounter them. I can say this though, to start I will more than likely pursue a small service based business offering mobile bartending, mobile DJing and a few other things.

I'm excited to see what the future has in store for me.