Andrew William McCrimmon

Concieved in Texas, born in Norwich and raised near Liverpool, young Andrew went on to experience many wonderful places and moments in life to which he has so far contributed very little. He believes it was Kurt Cobain that once sung "I'm worst at what I do best" and feels likewise blessed as there is little pressure from people expecting great things. He is definitely more likely to build a house than ever, ever buy one, and shuns from the idea of marriage or other such dated idiosyncrasies (though he is happy for those who try, and make the most of it.) He is terrible with money despite being against the habit of gambling...he just doesn't understand the concept of it and caution should be taken when lending any to him (unless he really does need it.) Andrew currently resides in Italy, but this could well change depending on several possible outcomes over the next few months. He considers himself very lucky to have such fantastic friends and family.