Angela McDaniel

New York

"Look back, this is the confession you've been waiting for. Show me your eyes and I'll give you my love."

Hello all, Basic page to find out more about me because I've had people on my back for this.

My name is Angela and I at this point in time I am 23 (Though I seem to lose track of my own age a lot) Born in Germany and raised in the States for most of my life. I come from a fairly 'wealthy' family. To a normal person they may seem rich, however they just know when not to spend money and they managed to get a lot of the things they've wanted over the years, I hate having my hand held, so I left at an early age to figure out where i belong in this world.

I would like to say I have good work ethic as I've worked at what seems almost every fast food and retial joint in my area, working a few jobs at a time just to get back into school. Though at this point in time everything I had studied is most likley outdated. (Programming, Networking, etc)

I had dreams to be an digital artist that worked out in space (ie an astronaut) Who knows when/if that'll get accomplished.

Take life one day at a time right?

Le Fun Facts of Angela:

I'm Bi-racial and I unfortunately fit the stereotypes of both sides. My interests include art of all sorts, video games, books, and tinkering wih objects. I'm a twitter-holic, I've had to go through 3 accounts, I may need an intervention. English is really my third language. I love fruity anything. Prolly cus I'm a fruit myself. Speaking of wish, I've always wished I was born a guy, shocking huh? Though I will admit that I'd prolly be a gay man due to my lack of interest in women as a whole.. My music taste has DJ, K-pop, Boy bands, and Instrumental blended all together. I'm very competeive in everything I do, don't challenge me. And lastly, I'm a prick, no doubt about it. You can deal with it or leave like everyone else.

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