AM Clean Air Engineering Private Limited

AM Clean Air Engineering Private Limited, is a reputed manufacturer, supplier and service provider of various Clean Air Equipment. Our product range includes Vertical Air Handling Units, Horizontal Air Handling Units, Efficient Air Handling Units, Chilled Water Fan Coil Units, Steel Inline Fan, Fresh Air Exhaust Unit, Ventilation Equipment, Air Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Cooling Coil, Heat Transfer Coil, Water and Air Cooled Condensers, Cooling Air Washer, Pre Filters, Micro V Filter, HEPA Filter, Clean Rooms Air Handling Units, Ductable Split Units, Clean Room Equipment and Air Pollution Control Equipment, to cater to the requirements of diverse industries.

These are developed from qualitative MS Sheets, (PVC Coated GI Sheets, Precoated Sheets, CR, & HRCA) CU Tubes, Al Foils, PUF Chemicals, Fasteners, Fans & Motors. These units are offered in different designs and capacities to suit the specific needs of customers spread throughout India, Dubai and Bangladesh.