Ashley McNeill

Student and reader in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Who am I and what do I want to accomplish?

I am a student with a love for different pop/geek-culture outlooks. I have obsessions much like a majority of people and I want to be able to To improve knowledge of geek-culture enthusiasts with the idea that no matter what any one should be who they truly are without worrying about being someone they aren’t.

Where do I see this site in 5 years and what do I want to do with it?

In five years, I think this site will have a larger following with people with different obsessions coming together and talking about their obsessions. I want to travel the world and discover what people in different cultures are obsessed with.

Why did I choose the social media sites that I did?

I chose my Twitter that I created for this class because it has the ability to reach people in my course and it would connect me to university students. I linked my person Goodreads page because it is a true indication of what I am reading and I wouldn't update a second account if I made one specifically for this class. I used my Instagram because I like showing the pictures I have taken and for a lot of my posts, unless I specify otherwise, it is a picture I have taken and put on Instagram that I use. I also chose Pinterest because I think it would be interesting to see the different boards I can make for this site, this is still a work in progress as I have not used Pinterest in years and I used my personal Pinterest because I have not used it so I have not branched off to more people.