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David Williams

Strategic Business Consultant in England, United Kingdom

I am an engineer and marketer - intrigued by how something technical and complex can be explained simply and packaged neatly to stand out and be valued. I enjoy more the twist of finding marketing solutions for complex technical services.

And of greatest technical interest: mechanical and electrical engineering systems in buildings i.e. M&E building services - HVAC, controls, electrical systems. Where would our offices, factories, hospitals, schools, homes be without these?

So, in a very hands-on way, I help connect brilliant, creative people in engineering, science, technology and professional services businesses to customers, partners and suppliers.

When it is time to play it's road and mountain biking with my brilliant friends especially down in Brecon and The Black Mountains, Wales and Mont Ventoux, France.

Also playing football, tennis, the piano and trying to speak a bit more Italian every day. I used to live & work in amazing Dubai, UAE too and learned some major life lessons there.

  • Work
    • Marketing and Business Development in Engineering
  • Education
    • MBA MCIM BEng(Hons) Mechanical Engineering CEng MIMechE