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In the economic and social development, the leading cadre to more important responsibilities, strengthen leading cadre's psychological quality is particularly important. Therefore, leading cadres must strive for self psychological adjustment, is a good and diligent about practice.

Genetic factors, social environment, cultural tradition, life style, the function of many factors such as the uniqueness of shaped the person personality and psychology, including the personality and mental defects, distinguishes man from the others. People have subjective initiative, make the person can pass to reinvent, continuous self-improvement. So, to enhance the psychological quality, leading cadres must give full play to the subjective initiative, efforts to self-management and self-adjustment, and one of the most main is to constantly enhance and improve the judgment, tolerance, balance force, resistance and development.

To develop clean, increasing the resistance force of interests temptation. In the modern market economy activity, if the loss of organization and the populace to supervise, and do not pay attention to improve personal accomplishment, the leading cadre can easily under the various interests temptation Lose yourself, form the psychological tendency to decay. Investigate the root cause, is the leading cadre understanding deviation, put personal interests in the country, the people, the collective interests, resulting in power metamorphism. Get clean psychological, fundamentally speaking, needs a correct understanding of individual social role and historical role. For leading cadres, must realize that we are given by the people's power, we are in the hands of every asset is the blood of the broad masses of the people's hard work to move to create and any corrupt behavior is erosion of public power. Only with this knowledge, the leading cadre to maintain psychological balance, from wild desires, behavior standards, thereby enhancing the interests temptation to force.

Break conformism psychology, to promote the development of self motivation. Development of marxism theory that things are by the affirmation to negation, and then by the process of the negation to the negation of negation, and so on the morphology of winding up, wave. Leading cadres is the plight of three conditions: something - things fast development, the advantages more than disadvantages, in