Ameena Norrise

Filmmaker, Wardrobe Stylist, and Compassion Counselor in Los Angeles, California

Ameena Norrise created to be a vessel for positive change on our earth and in humanity. Her passions have led her to provide assistance to youth, disadvantaged community members and the elderly through counseling and coaching.

Fashion and entertainment have always been part of her life she started training in dance, modeling and acting as a child and her love for the industry has remained with music development being added to her goals.

An accurate description of Ameena Norrise would be "social entrepreneur" while speaking with her about her current projects/ventures that include developing business plans, proposals, co-writing a feature film, learning to edit, directing a pilot series, sketching designs for her brand, and rehearsing for auditions one thing always remained her focus "humanity" by concluding that a portion of everything she

earned from every

income source would

go to aiding


*I AM all about social empowerment and A Lover of God* A.N.

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