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Ameera Ahmad

I am a Young Muslim Teenage Blogger. I am a typical American teenager that goes through typical teenage problems. I also happen to be a Muslim. And Pakistani. If you can't guess what my life is like already.....well...let me tell you.

I go through sadness and depression. I am happy sometimes and at other times....its best to stay at a certain distance away from me. I make mistakes and sin. A lot. And I always thought that God was never going to forgive me so I used to delve in my sin even deeper.

Until I realized that he is my Creator. He loves me no matter what. He loves all of us. Despite the fact that we fail him everyday. He is Al-Wadud....the Loving. All we have to do is realize that and turn to him.

After this realization, I saw the changes that happened in my life. I am a much more positive and happier person. I have a much more positive outlook on every challenge that comes in my life. And I have made it my mission to spread the love of God everywhere.

Remember...Allah loves you. More than anyone can. :)