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Ameet Gokhale

Ameet Gokhale

An Entrepreneur and Operations Executive with over 16 years of broad range of experience and focus on getting results by improving customer experience and operational efficiencies. I am proud to be a part of the exciting world of technology businesses.

More specifically operations expertise includes: Business Process Outsourcing - both on and off shore, including due diligence, pricing, contracting and client management. Manage and deliver continuous Operational Efficiency, calculating measures to counteract turnover figures, Responsible for a cohesive, well coordinated & autonomous work-force.

Have successfully started 4 delivery centers and 2 start up companies. Specifically started customer service delivery department, including call center and processing units. Set-up multiple offshore call center's for various US and UK based clients.


• Business Transformation & Change Management • Management Consulting & Opportunity Assessment • Business Process & Performance Benchmarking • People, Process & Technology Optimization • Domestic & Offshore Shared Service Solutions • Call center strategy and implementation • Client & Contract Management

My company is the leading provider of outsourcing solutions to internet and technology businesses. This domain specialization is inspired by our extensive industry experience and subsequently deep understanding of the mission, challenges and priorities of our customers.

QA, Content Moderation / Content Verification, Email / Chat / Voice Customer Service, Data Analytics, Software Development / Testing

  • Education
    • CIMA