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Allison Mehan

Allison Meehan is a technology writer from San Francisco.

As reported here earlier, there is a kerfuffle over the revelation that Twitter's board, investors, and almost all of its executives are male. This is playing out by the book: The initial criticisms, the defensive retorts, the anger at the defensive retorts. Now for the next phase: A woman gallantly gallops in-- Sarah Lacy, along with her boy pal, Paul Carr ready to absolve the men in her community of sexism and scold other women for being tedious feminists, thereby setting herself up as one of the "good ones," ready to absorb the praise and adoration of the menfolk. The volunteer this time is Sarah Lacy, the editor and founder of PandoDaily.

In this entirely predictable set of events, nothing is more predictable than what the Female Scolder of the Feminists will say. There's a very strict formula for a woman telling feminists to shut up, and it goes like this