Amelia Beare

My name is Amelia Beare, and I’m a PhD Candidate and tutor at Curtin University. My research involves culture, identity, the persistence of ‘human’ and the artificial/synthetic/digital other, especially inside curated virtual worlds like computer games.

I’m not really a ‘gamer’, or a ‘player’, but I enjoy experiencing virtual worlds with constructed culture narratives. I want to know what makes these places and experience ‘human’, and as such I approach my research with anthropological/autoethnographical principles.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I enjoy reading, writing, photographing, and walking my beautiful dog, Spirit. (Alas, Spirit recently passed away, but I’m not yet ready to say that I don’t still enjoy walking with her daily.) I have two cats (Smudge and EC [EnormousCat]), and an aquarium that’s surviving despite my chronic neglect.

I now live in Tasmania, Australia, but have fond memories of my travels and the years spent living in Sweden.