Amelia Dale

Vancouver, Washington, United States

I am currently attending Western Washington University and am majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Sociology. In addition to my education I am currently a professional communication consultant for the Ethnic Student Center at Western alongwith working retail at Torrid, a women's clothing store.

My major has taught me exceptional public speaking skills, effective interpersonal communication, and how to actively be a self starter. Communication studies has prepared me to translate and apply my skills to the work place to enhance any work environment by actively being competent, prepared and enthusiastic.

Through my experience I have learned the importance of patience, persistence and passion. Practicing patience is vital when assisting customers or solving problems in the work place. Persistence is crucial when it comes to working a sales floor. Passion acts as a catalyst for better store production which intern increases the work environment and store success.

Going forward I will be graduating in June of 2015 and I will be pursuing my love for communication media studies as I seek a career in media advertising. I do my best to think outside of the box and use creativity to inspire innovation. In the completion of my degree I will enter the workforce guided by my passion, attention to detail and my need to succeed.

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