Amelia Farber

Stanford, California, United States

As a student entering my senior year of undergraduate study at Stanford University, I am embarking on research for my senior Honors thesis in Environmental Anthropology. I am currently looking into environmental literacy in middle school-aged students on three islands in the Galápagos and in Quito, Ecuador during a two-month long residency. In addition to my thesis research, I have loved the opportunities both in and out of the classroom at Stanford to explore informal environmental education in the San Francisco Bay Area in outdoor schools and within distinct communities with Professor Nicole Ardoin. I intend to pursue a masters in Latin American Studies as well. Through my years at Stanford I have gleaned skills in photography, group and project management, and large scale research. I also value the experiences I gained through solo and group travel to Thailand, Chile (for study abroad for three months), the UK, and Ecuador.

Music is my second major but is equal in passion. I sing and am involved in one act operas and student-organized activities in the music department outside of my quotidian classes and weekly voice lessons. I am also a devoted member of Stanford Taiko, a student-led organization for Japanese drumming. As financial manager, group administrator, and performance director, I have invested and benefited greatly as a performing member these past three years.

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