Amelia G

1) To fit properly into a size 12, that means a size 12 in any shop not just the one pair of size 12 jeggings I hunt down in Dorothy Perkins. More specifically I want to fit into a Topshop non- stretch size 12 jeans.

2) To get in the healthy BMI weight range. Currently I am 'Overweight' having creeped down from being 'Obese'.

3) To be able to do a yoga headstand unaided. I have flitted in and out of yoga for about 5 years. It is amazing, and every time I do it I feel amazing but for some reason I have a resistance to doing it. I did a headstand with the aid of a wall about 6 months ago but haven't tried since, I am determined to reach this goal (secretly I want to be an acrobat).