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Brisbane Australia

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Amelia Hay is a personal development life coach, freelance writer and the founder of Orange Owl Media, an online media company derived from her passion for writing and in particular, journalism, screenwriting and a love of Behavioural Psychology. Amelia started out as a blogger passionate about health and relationships, while working full time in the field of finance. After rediscovering her passion for writing, Amelia embarked on a process of researching, strategically planning and implementing a five year vision encompassing seven key areas of her life, developing a one year strategy as well as daily routines and rituals. Her blog, Create a Balanced and More Fulfilling Life attracts a wide and varied audience from 108 countries. The blog contains tips and strategies which will enable clients and readers to: create a clear vision, implement strategy, sustain motivation, build self confidence and challenge the mindsets and beliefs that we use to navigate through every area of life, and inspire individuals to live up to their full potential. Amelia has recently started up a portfolio website, where she also blogs about writing, blogging, freelancing and small business startup. Her articles have been featured on Pick The Brain. To book a life coaching session or to request a call back for more information send Amelia an email at Join the free motivational Create A Life You Love Newsletter to receive motivational and inspirational tips first thing every monday morning.

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