Amelia Cole


My name is Amelia and I'm a freelance writer, working for Rubbish Please and other companies in cleaning and rubbish removal business. I'm also a contributor to Fantastic Cleaners Blog and Domestic Cleaning Tips, two blogs about cleaning and all the other tasks we daily face while trying to make our homes..well, looking more like our homes.
As a keen environmentalist, I always try to show people the benefits of living green through my writings. Some may find this for annoying, but hey... we all should have a way to help keep the environment clean, and that's my way!
Aside of writing, I do a whole bunch of other things for living like helping my grandma at her flower shop, or knitting decorative elements for sale. Yes, I do knitting!
So, in general, I'm a green living person, writing about cleaning and stuff, enjoy helping people, and not for last, I'm a knitting maniac :)
In case, you didn't get it, that last one... for the maniac, it's a joke. But, I do knitting!

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