Amelia Johnson

Virgie, KY

I recently graduated Alice Lloyd College, majoring in Accounting & Business Management. My talent appeared to be finance, but my passion is entrepreneurship. My college was 1 of 7 in the nation workstudy colleges, and as such my role was Head Female Resident Advisor. In addition to classwork and workstudy I was an active member in our Student Governemnt, Phi Beta Lamda, Entrepreneurship club, and drama organization.

Alice Lloyd has a saying, "The leaders are here," and I agree. In my leadership involvement I have accepted that I am a servant leader. What this entails is that not only do I lead, but I know when it is the time to place others in charge and assist them with realizing their leadership potential. Everyone has a specific talent or calling, we just have to be willing to let them shine.

It is important that not only do we believe in ourselves, but that we believe in others. In continuing this notion, I joined Teach for America and hope to inspire that system of belief and confidence in my students. This journey will be a rocky path, but I believe my passion and drive will lead me to achieve my goals.

When it comes to weaknesses I tend to always state that I care too much about too many things. By doing such, I tend to overextend myself, however I have yet to not deliver on my word. This "weakness" plays as my greatest strength too, in that by caring at such a high level, I always ensure quality in my work.

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