Amelia Baggs

Burlington, Vermont, United States

They always want you to talk about what you do, as if that is who you are. I am a human being, not a human doing. I care about ethics, but not in an academic way. More in a "How can people act with compassion and love in a complicated and confusing world?" way. I don't come up with complex moral codes, I just have a few basic values and I allow the world to hold the complexity. I love the redwoods where I was born, even though I now live in exile across the country. I am a Hufflepuff to the core, even if I'm not exactly the stereotype. I paint, I write poetry, I write articles, I help autism researchers, I'm involved in many segments of the disability rights movement, and I try to live a life of love and compassion even though that's one of the hardest things a person can do. I am severely disabled and not employed, and I get developmental disability services from the state that allow me to live outside of an institution -- services that should be available to every disabled person in the world, but are unfortunately not.

  • Work
    • Disabled
  • Education
    • Extremely scattered and patchy.