Amelia Baker

Malaga, Spain

Although born in England to English parents (both writers), I've lived from the age of 7 in a small remote mountain village in Southern Spain where I attended the local State-schools. The result was that I grew-up both fluently bilingual and with the experience of integrating into two very different cultures. This experience also helped to make me self-reliant and determined. With no accessible outlet for my passion for film-making, I left school at 16 to spend a year in full-time writing, photography, and the making and editing of films, teaching myself as many aspects of the process as I could. I knew that leaving school early was a gamble, but the films, photographs, screen-plays, and radio-scripts that I produced during this period won me a place as Assistant Director on the National Youth Film Academy Introductory Course in summer 2013. This first intensive experience at film-making with professional equipment as part of a talented team has made me doubly-determined to pursue a career in film-making.

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