amelia burke-garcia

my name is amelia and i heart all things social media. i could sit here and tell you all about me. but instread, i thought i would share some thoughts with you.

i find that people like lists – it makes things fun and pithy and easy to remember. so in the spirit of our favorite list-maker, here are my letterman-esque 'top ten things i have learned about social media':

1. social media cannot be “convinced.”

2. social media is bigger than Facebook and Twitter.

3. don’t forget the “social” part of social media.

4. don't be afraid to experiment.

5. brands pay for fans. yes. yes, they do.

6. social media is part of a larger campaign strategy.

7. digital goals should be clear, tangible, and achievable.

8. maximize the use of all of your content assets.

9. listen. and optimize.

10. evaluate. evaluate. evaluate.

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