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Amelia Clegg

My thesis is situated within the rubric of sociocultural military history. It is conceptual in focus analysing themes of leadership, and identity of selected British officers and Boer commanders in the war, an 'The Regiment' with command an area previously not explicitly investigated. Accordingly my study aims to expand the understanding and the execution and experience of war, as well as investigating the impact the broader social and cultural effect an extended war had on postwar Boer and British societies.

MA Dissertation: "From Auschwitz to Belsen: Working in National Socialist Concentration Camps"

Freelance researcher: Researched and compiled historical notes for the Coldstream Guards'­ First World War Centenary Commemoration and Battlefields Tour (September 2014)

Authored: "2nd Battalion Coldstream: The Men, The Horses, and The Great War". The aim of the book is to tell the 2nd Battalion's story primarily through the voices of the officers and men on the front line, reconstructing individual soldiers' narratives from diary entries, letters, and service records, and placing them in the broader context of the strategic decisions, methods of warfare and environmental factors that governed their fate.