Amelia Hankins

Toronto, ON

My first name has two As. I've got 10 toes, although I think two of them are slowly disappearing. I'm a musician, an actress, a writer, a traveler. I usually have too much to say, and too many thoughts but when it comes to writing about myself, it's hard to get past the facts. I do a lot of things, but mostly I just try to do a lot of living.

I'm studying journalism because of all the sentences I've ever said or written, I'm sure more than half have been questions.

Investigative journalism is probably what I'll head towards; I want to expose culprits and tell unlikely stories. I want to write about things that stick in people's minds.

I want to find the answer to everything, everywhere, and really, I guess I'll die trying, whether as a journliast or not.

  • Work
    • Aquiring Money
  • Education
    • Journalism at Ryerson University