Amelia Loken

Writer in Little Rock, Arkansas

I have always loved Fairy Tales.

I've read all of the famous princess stories and many of the obscure. Whether she kissed a frog or a beast... Rode a flying carpet or a cauldron with legs... Befriended dwarves, gypsies, or bears... I wanted to become that girl.

Until the day I realized I didn't want the Crown..

I wanted the Adventure.

Buttercup was pretty, but I wanted to be the Man in Black.

I expanded my reading and joined a Fencing Class.

I researched faraway cities and their histories.

I hauled my kiddos with me to libraries and museums and national parks.

I started writing the books I wanted to read: More swords and romance, more history and adventure.

Now that my sons are in school, I attend the local university, learning "fencing, fighting, anything anyone would teach me."

I am becoming my own hero.

And now, as dusk falls, I gather my boys, open a book and share an exciting adventure, because I want them to know the thrill of becoming a hero, themselves.

  • Education
    • Byu-Idaho
    • University of Arkansas at Little Rock