Amelia / Haley 🔥

Student in Canada

Amelia / Haley 🔥

Student in Canada

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🔥 hi I'm Haley and I'm a greys anatomy junkie. I'm 15 years old and my SO is bisexual! I'm also very weird

🔥 I ID / kin with Amelia shepherd but idc about doubles or sharing , whatsoever.

🔥 pls don't follow if you kin with Any of my friends mains! / will be updated /

- Arizona Robbins

- Judy hopps

🔥 I'll probably post some kinky shit so down follow if you're not aight w that;) but who wouldn't be?

🔥 I don't mind being tagged in things either , so tag away !

🔥 have fun following ;)

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