Amelia Randall

Kent, United Kingdom

Life is going faster and faster and I am often left wondering if I do enough each year.

As a single mum I have so much determination to succeed, for my sons as well as for myself. The question being: What am I going to be a success in?

I love writing creative fiction, as well as writing factual writings and would love to be an author of poetry and novels. I also love making deserts, especially cheesecakes. I have a big interest in helping others, listening to their issues and doing what I can to advise and i think my Spiritual keeness helps me in this..

I am also a fan of cameras. If i have the chance to stick a wig on and get posing for a camera then i am there. However if i have not got my make up on and good lighting i will hide. Taking photos is also fun, especially of nature.

I have had a life of many revelations and I am sure there are more to come, but if I can offer some assurance to my children, it will be; there are many people out there willing to give you the chance to shine if you want it enough.

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    • Reiki Practitioner