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Amelia Tochtrop

Georgia, United States

Hi, my name is Amelia Tochtrop, but my friends call me Mia. My profile picture is undoubtedly blurry, but I hold it in the highest regards. The rather large man pictured beside me is Mr. Waka Flacka Flame, the semi-famous rapper. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Flame at one of his shows early in the year at a fraternity house on campus. A friend from my hometown that had rushed with this particular fraternity invited my friends and I to the event. Of course, I expected the night to be a real life re-enactment of the movie, Neighbors; however, it turned out to be so much better than I had ever imagined. I will never forget my meeting with Waka Flacka because out of the hundreds of people in the audience that night, he chose to accept my selfie request. Waka Flacka took my hand and pulled me onto the side of the stage, where I joined him in front of all of his adoring yet, slightly inebriated, fans who were all of age, of course. While upon the stage, I took a rather blurry picture of the two of us as he continued to try to perform his songs. While my meeting with Waka Flacka was extraordinary, my opinion of his music did not change in the least. Despite my pride in the selfie of the two of us, I will always be a Belieber.

  • Education
    • The University of Georgia
    • Bremen High School