Ameli Dziemba

Musician and Personal Trainer in Köln, Deutschland

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Loving life and mankind!

To touch people's hearts with whatever I do, that's my goal. My voice, my songs, my writing, my work as a teacher and coach, my being. Learning every day!

Born to a musical couple, I was allowed to use the record player and choose from a large variety of LPs from the age of 6, always humming and singing along (sometimes using my little blue hairbrush as a microphone). I listened to Ella Fitzgerald and JJ Johnson, The Carpenters, the Singers Unlimited and to the finest interpreters of baroque music and many more; and I loved every single part of it. I started playing the piano as a child, the saxophone followed in my teenager years (being the baritone sax player in a big band for nearly 15 years), always sang in choirs, til eventually I had my first band as a solo singer at the age of 19. That‘s when it all really started.

After an education as a preschool teacher, I finally studied jazz singing at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. Since then my life has been a colourful mixture of touring with bands (jazz, pop, singer/songwriter, new music), working as a vocal coach, leading choirs and giving workshops on several musical topics. I love working with my vocal and piano students, letting them experience the beauty of music and seeing them grow, as musicians and in their character. Currently I'm designing a new voice coaching concept for speakers and presenters.

In the last few years I have focussed on my composing skills; I‘ve written music for two theatre plays, quite a lot of choral works, a special song cycle for me and my piano, a couple of very personal songs and I‘m currently working on music for a dance production.

Singing and writing music have and will always be the most direct way of expressing my inner self, a wider and much deeper insight of my personality.

Music is a universal language, spreading love beyond borders!

  • Education
    • Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen
    • NLP Master