Amelie Constant

I am the Program Director of Migration at IZA Bonn since 2011, and the founding co-editor of the IZA Journal of Migration since 2012. I am also a professorial lecturer at the George Washington University and a visiting scholar at Temple University. I have the honor to be the President of the Society of Government Economists (SGE) and on the board of directors of the nonprofits: Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics and Associated Professions (AIRLEAP) and SGE. In 2006, I created DIWDC, an American nonprofit economics think tank (2006-2013). As a scholar in the economics of migration for fifteen years, I have written over fifty refereed articles and book chapters and has won several awards for them. I am the co-editor of the International Handbook of the Economics of Migration, the book How Labor Migrants Fare?, a volume of the Research in Labor Economics Journal, and a special issue of the Journal of International Manpower. My research has been funded by several foundations. In 2013, I was invited to became a member of the prestigious Academia Europaea (European Academy of Sciences) for my outstanding achievements as a researcher. More