Amelie Mrg


" I walk with the intention to learn, I’m not afraid about failures… the only thing that scares me, is the obligation of choosing a path because having to pick one, means leaving another one.

There are moments in life where everything is accelerating, we barely have time to appreciate the little details, see the world with eyes of wonder and curiosity. The objectif of my work is to giving back this amazing look, to surprise and above all, to explore all these paths, all these ways of creation until now unexplored. Bit by bit my penchant for experimental painting grew up, a practice in which I continue to explore constantly, looking for new sensations. In this quest, sometimes my works is the result of experiments “failed” that lead me to unexpected revelations.

For now, I’m still walking, doing what I’ve always wanted to do: Try, learn, add, subtract, find… Experiment and Express myself."


"Rotos Otros", Fundación Valentín de Madariaga - Séville

"Soy Color... Somos Colorismo", El Cubo - Séville

“Viernes 13, Ni te cases, ni te embarques”, Wabi - Sabi Gallery - Séville

“STOMACH EVENT ”, Hoxton Gallery - London

Artistic RESIDENCY at the Fonds Kim Rebholz - Vadencourt