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Arjun Menon

London, United Kingdom.

Coming from the coastal city of Kochi in India, I was damned to a life caged by peer pressure and custom- "You better grow up to be an Engineer or a Doctor or a Lawyer!"But two years into my voyage of the well-known, I decided to break free. I live a life that was once very straightforward and is now quite unconventional.Today, I live as a student of Journalism in London, with the world at my fingers (or so I force myself to believe). Having escaped from the tyranny of convention and traditional education, I fiercely believe in individualism and original thought.I try to say things that provoke argument and incite opinion; for without one's own thoughts, what are we but a herd of sheep.

'Home is where the heart is' - the old adage goes. I also believe that home is where the truth is. Your truth.

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