Amen Quizon

Amen Quizon

My parents thought I was going to be their last, thus, the name. And then the name quickly became a responsibility; the toughest since then should I say.

I learned to read when I was 4, and hasn't stopped since. When I was 8, I wrote my first poem which I submitted to a children's writing camp I attended. I won first place. I still clearly recall that moment when I went in front, faced the crowd, and received the award. I was in total awe that I can actually write, and the awe hasn't stopped.

Church ministry and university training gave me opportunities to visit up to the far north (Benguet and Ilocos) and the far south (Bicol and Mindoro) of Luzon and meet new people and learn the ways of life. In most of my excursions, I taught children counting, reading, writing, and creative arts. In all of those moments these children taught me that counting your days, reading people's hearts, and writing out your own are a few of the sound instructions to mastering the creative art of living.

My current work is to help a company create electronic educational materials for children: preschool children, grade school children, high school children, college children. They are all children, you know. I try to find out the background of these children, their parents, their schools, the electronic games they play, the books they download (and those they don't download), and what makes them study. Or not study. I also try to seek ways on how we can improve our products depending on the learning needs of these children. Or they think they need. Or we think they need. Or they (not the children) think they (the children) need.

I know that patience is important to what I do, and to the other things I plan to. By now I should be able to understand that seeking and finding takes time. My confident expectation lies in the fact that what I seek I will eventually find.

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