Amer Asum

Dreamer before anything else.My body can't handle coffee but it can handle 5 slices(the big ones) of pizza.I am currently taking my MBA degree at Xavier University and I'll graduate March Next Year. I have worked as a Bank Teller, Bank Cashier and a New Accounts Clerk. You'd think that's a lot of work experience for a 22 year old, but I have also served as the General Manager of our business feasibility studies, External Program Head & Budget and Finance officer of our School's Junior Financial Executives.I am currently living in the Philippines, just waiting for my MBA graduation and hopefully land a job abroad. Working abroad has always been my ultimate goal and dream. Just the thought of working and living in a different country excites me.I try to learn as many languages as I can. Solo se hablar muy poco Español and I can speak a little Korean. Right now, I'm studying French. It's a lot of work but with the right motivation, nothing's impossible.I look forward to meeting new people from different places around the world!