American Druze

In the past few years our Druze Community here in America under the ADS, American Druze Society, has seen a decline in support and attendance in community events. This has also affected our communities in Canada. I ask you all to reflect on what this means. Without community we are lost, the weight of such organizations must fall on all our shoulders and be shared in order to secure our future generations the privilege of having brotherhood, faith, and a community that will enrich their lives as it has all of our own. The same organizations that provide Druze centers, religious speakers, cultural materials and research, and a place to call home. We need leaders that are willing to step forward and unite us and include all the Druze community in an open inclusive American Druze Society that delivers on what it set out to create over 100 years ago. To keep together our Druze family and actively provide community and cultural programs that strengthens our bonds. Dr. Nidal Baz Radwan is one man that has taken that initiative and has dedicated himself to protecting and fostering our Druze community. He has chosen to stand for his fellow Druze as the next President of the American Druze Society. Dr. Nidal understands that without a secure future for the ADS his children and ours will not have the culture, the faith, and the community they deserve. I ask that we stand behind him and all future ADS presidents to help them achieve these goals. Vote for Dr. Nidal Baz Radwan for President of the ADS, and volunteer your time to ensure that no one man bear the weight alone, that we are all in it together. Let's follow his lead in creating a future that aims at regrouping the thousands of fellow American Druze and create an American Druze Society that welcomes and promotes unity and community.